MobiDisc V4

Product description

The MobiDisc V4 digital video recorder is based on the Linux operating system and has been developed specifically for video recording in trams and buses. It is available in a 4 channel and a 10 channel version with an interchangeable hard disk (HDD) with a capacity ranging from
160 Gb – 320 Gb or a Solid State Disk (SSD) with a capacity of up to 250 Gb. Both feature a screen resolution of 720×288 pixels (> 2CIF) and a maximum recording- and transmission speed of 25 fps.


–> The maintenance-free MobiDisc V4-HMF has been on the market since 2012 (see the brochure).


The MobiDisc V4 recorder must be installed in a closed-off space in the vehicle, free from dust and connected to a stable on-board power supply
(12 – 36 Vdc, at maximum). In the event of an emergency, only the HDD or SSD will be swapped. The MobiDisc V4 can be configured and the video images reviewed through a wireless LAN/WAN network from the traffic control centre.


While the vehicle is in transit, the doors will be closed and the video images will be recorded at a slower speed. As soon as one of the entrance doors is opened, the camera linked to this door will automatically start recording at the highest speed. Should the driver of the vehicle feel in any way threatened and press the alarm button, all the cameras on board will automatically start recording at the highest speed and the images will be transmitted automatically to the traffic control centre.



Each video image is provided with a digital watermark and can be viewed using Player software in the control room with a USB read-out station. Player software can also be used to compile a video of the relevant incident that can be used as evidence in a court of law. The software can also be used to print and create backups of the images in JPEG format.


Privacy mask

The system also allows a privacy mask feature to be set for each camera individually. This can be applied to both ‘live’ images and the images to be recorded.


Wireless W-LAN connection

The MobiDisc V4 DVR is provided with a LAN port that can be used to connect the machine to the MobiLink 3G/WiFi router as a standard. This enables ‘live’ streaming of video images to the traffic control centre.


Status notification and error messages

Both ‘live’ and recorded images can be viewed remotely from the traffic control centre. Status notifications and error messages are indicated not only on a LED box on the dashboard, but are also automatically transmitted to the traffic control centre via the router:

–       Displays DVR operating status

–       Displays DVR error message

–       Shows that a secure recording has been made after an incident (via trigger contact)


Internal Timer

Whenever the driver leaves the bus, an internal timer will put the MobiDisc on stand-by for 60 minutes maximum before switching the machine off automatically. The automatic switch-off mechanism can be set at 15-minute intervals.



The MobiDisc V4 recorder can be expanded optionally with an audio module that establishes a one-channel audio connection between the vehicle and the traffic control centre. The machine is also equipped for audio recording (one channel).


Smart Search

The Player software and the USB reader can be used to review the video images at an accelerated pace. A time line graph is used to quickly retrieve images that were registered using Motion Detection. The Motion Search function enables you to select a specific zone by launching an accelerated search through the images recorded in the archive that targets movement in this zone. All the images found in the search are then displayed in a list.



MobiDisc V4 receiver software can be used to review the video images and/or the configuration (or set-up) of the machine via LAN or W-LAN. The hard disk can be swapped for local review purposes (e.g. using a USB reader) at the traffic control centre to quickly review the files in the archive and print and make back-ups of the photographs and images. The ‘smart search’ function is included in the Player software as a standard. The EMS server software can be used for the management of all video surveillance systems in the field. This is an SDK with related software modules to set up a traffic control system for multiple operators.


Quality control requirements

The MobiDisc V4 complies with all quality control requirements with regard to EMC, shock and vibration resistance and fire safety. The machine complies with all 2004/104/EC European automotive requirements and has been e4 approved. The accompanying certificates and test reports are available. The machine also complies with all TUV fire safety requirements.


MobiDisc V4 brochure ENG



A maintenance-free hybrid MobiDisc V4-HMF is also available. This machine is fanless and has been provided with special components that can cope with higher temperatures. The heat generated by the components is discharged directly via the metal housing. The HDD and the SSD are ‘hot swappable’.


MobiDisc V4-HMF brochure ENG