3S-Systems is specialised in mobile surveillance systems. We develop and produce video and audio recording equipment for the purpose of security and observation in moving vehicles (e.g. buses, trams, trains, taxis, police cars, fire trucks and ambulances).


We have developed two video recording systems specifically for use in the vehicles listed above: the MobiDisc and the MobiFlash. Both systems are remote-controlled and the recorded material can be reviewed via LAN, WLAN, GSM, GPRS, UMTS, HSDPA and HSUPA.


The MobiDisc V4 and MobiFlash V4 video surveillance systems are the product of developments that were initiated in 2001, when we started to incorporate many of the ideas derived from client specifications, as well as some of our own, into the MobiDisc STD as add-ons and modifications.


We brought the MobiDisc V4S and MobiFlashV4S to the market in January 2006 as an entirely new concept that incorporated all the best ideas from the previous years that were, until then, offered as client-specific add-ons for the MobiDisc STD.
In 2012 our range of products was expanded with the maintenance-friendly MobiDisc V4S-HMF and MobiFlash V4S-HMF.
The hard disk (HDD) and Solid State Disk (SSD) are ‘hot swappable’.


Additionally, we develop surveillance and recording systems based on client specifications. Examples include audio recording systems and VIP surveillance systems for indoor as well as outdoor use. We have also been the official importer of Heitel Digital Video products from Germany since December 2005.


Click on the following link for a presentation regarding mobile applications:

“Digital Video Surveillance On the Move”


3S-Systems BV offers:
– High-quality products

– Unique solutions (custom work)

– Discretion with regard to your personal data

– An efficient working method

– Project supervision


More than that, we offer an outstanding service!